Capacity offer

Minorits Gépgyártó Kft. offers it’s free capacities for partners in the following working methods:

  • Welding, bending, seaming, CNC machining of medium and large sized machine parts

Feel free to reach out to us anytime:  

+36 30 465 9880

Balatonkenese Boat Show

This year for the 3rd time already that we have had our exhibition at the Boat Show in Balatonkenese.  It gives us great pleasure that more and more people are interested in our ship storage solutions. The number of Balaton ports where boats in winter are not stored in ERRIX Premium boat storage containers is…

Brüno Mechanical Engineering Fair

We have spent two substantial days in Brüno. At the stands of The Mechanical Engineering Fair we have taken a look at the latest innovations in the world of modern machine tools and added new supplier partner contacts to our company. We have become richer with a vast number of experiences. 

Boat Show 2017 Balatonfüred

The boat show held at the port of Balatonfüred was also the season-opening event of Lake Balaton. This was where we had showcased our self-developed and manufactured boat-tower, and the port towing trolleys. The boat-tower is at the forefront of technology with its mechanical solutions, outward appearance (its selectable colours) and its price category.  The…

Hannover Industrial Exhibition

It was a tremendous experience to participate in the largest industrial exhibition in the world as a visitor. We have visited the stands of  hundreds of exhibitors and gathered experiences. We were also able to have a look at the technical achievements of the future. 

Boat Show Budapest

At the exhibition held at the area of  Hungexpo was the place where our self-developed and manufactured boat-tower was first introduced. 

Our January Management Training with Gábor Szabó

In January we took part in a management training. We have become richer with new experiences, methods and company management techniques. Gábor’s fantastic talent as a lecturer and the woodland surroundings of Kardosfa have greatly contributed to the pleasant atmosphere.